This is the million-dollar question…

I think if more ladies could master the art of the curl, there would be less and less curly girlies going straight.

Me I’m a curly girly through and through, I just hate to go straight it simply doesn’t suit me.

Curls are so romantic! They have the power to soften your most prominent features with a playful disposition that for me personality go hand in hand with my profile as a hair salon owner.

I am speaking from a creative field however I hear in the corporate world curls are a totally different story.

I can’t even imagine having to straighten my locks so men take me more seriously in a male dominated environment (of course this is just what my corporate clients tell me, I am not speaking directly from experience) Time after time clients visit my salon to have their hair blow-dried straight in preparation for that important meeting. These women feel that curls are messy and not as professional (insert sad face emoji)

In my salon IT”S ALL ABOUT THE CURLS! And as more curly girlies flock to my salon wanting that premium care on their luscious locks, equally important to this is how to achieve that soft and gorgeous curl at home, you know the one that screams modern and sexy 😉

Curls are confidence! And for those of you brave enough to wear them, I have attached a tutorial from my youtube channel featuring me getting my curl on 🙂

And this is how we do it…

Step 1… I use a combination of Aveda products

1) Dry remedy oil (this is pure moisture in a bottle)

2) Be Curly curl enhancing lotion (this is to enhance my curl and improve my hairs natural elasticity)

And the final step is confixor (this is a gel YES A GEL) we are going right back to the 1040’s here…

Back then it was all about setting!

You will see in the beginning of my video that my hair looks kind of hard and stiff, that’s because it is. It is well saturated with product then air-dried with a diffuser to make my hair set quite firm

Then AND ONLY WHEN the hair is bone-dry do you brush.

(Failing to wait for this can have catastrophic effects)

Don’t risk it!

For optimum results I like to wait an hour in between just to be sure ALL the moisture is out.

Take a hair-up brush (or anything with beautiful soft bristles) and away you GO…

Last but not least good luck!

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