Lets talk about Photography!



It’s a passion of mine! I love it because it tells a story.

A good photographer will anticipate and capture a moment.

Candid or on-set there is nothing more beautiful than an elite team of creatives that come together for the sole purpose of expressing their talents and their inspirations. This then translates into beautiful timeless photographic images that showcase what we are made of.

I am so humbled by my recent work; I have been lucky to work with some of the industries most talented people.

Rewind back however to 2011 and here is a shot of our model Becky standing on a rock; I just love it! Maybe I love it more because I was there and saw the moment take place, this photograph was taken one second before the wave took Becky under.

These are the moments we can’t anticipate, we can only capture them if we are lucky.

There are no second chances. Becky and our team were shooting in the back beaches of Rye in the middle of winter. (Yes it was cold)

The water was still and shallow enough that Becky could hitch up her dress and walk over to the rock.

Within moments this freak wave came and took Becky under. This photo was all we had before she was completely saturated.

It’s Magic!