Well I think by now we all know what balayage is! That graduation of hair colour from dark tones to light, created only by the most talented hair colour specialists!

We are moving away from the old foiling techniques and into a more modern way of hair colouring! The meaning balayage comes from a French word ‘to sweep’ and that is exactly what you get, soft beautiful tones and a whole lot of sweeping colour 😉

There are many reasons why this has become a hot trend in the salon these days!

First and foremost would be the seamless way the colour grows out (because no-one likes a solid regrowth) with dark roots becoming a trend, what this means is now EVERYONE CAN AND WILL GO BLONDE!

Balayage has gained much popularity because even our clients with the darkest of hair can rock those golden locks. Why? Because the darkest area of colour is at the regrowth; complimenting your skin tone.

Hair colour that sits closest to your skin is what will be the dominating tone, so by keeping that colour natural we are able to lighten the ends without washing out your skin tone and losing colour to your skin.

Take for an example if you have naturally dark hair and your hair colourist lightens your hair all the way to the regrowth, (usually known as a scalp bleach) this will usually wash out your skin tone making you look less vibrant however, leave the regrowth natural and then you have many options for change.

The 6 categories of colour

  1. Deep – natural dark hair with dark features
  2. Light – blonde hair with light eyes
  3. Warm – our redheads and warmer tones
  4. Cool – cooler skin tones
  5. Bright – vibrant colours
  6. Subtle – Natural tones

In the past it was important to know which category you fell into, now with the hair colouring balayage technique it doesn’t really matter, we are now able to step outside the square of this basic colour theory. Take for example this picture of my client Michelle, she is half Filipino with natural jet-black hair. (she would fall into the deep category) Her roots are still natural fading into a soft light golden blonde. I just LOVE this colour melt!


One of the most common cases of colour washing someone out is when a redhead goes light blonde. This rarely works because of the warm tones in their skin. I’ll use Nicole Kidman as an example here as her choice in colour has always puzzled me. She is a redhead that’s chosen to go blonde, it will always make her look less vibrant than her beautiful natural copper tones, why? because of her skin tone, if you added some depth to her regrowth area she would look completely different. (How I would love to get my hands on her hair) 😉


One more balayage technique that is quite the opposite of this darker root fade is freehand hair painting all the way to the regrowth area. This is a technique I just love because you can keep your blonde clients nice and light all over with all the benefits of soft freehand balayage tones, minus the stripes you would get from hair foiling.














So basically that’s the beauty of balayage!

If we are talking about the technique however that’s a different story all together!

Clients that have booked in with me know why the prices are high. I don’t think you truly understand until you see what is involved. The process of hand painting colour is an intricate one. Section by section the colour is hand painted (yes just like a sweep) making sure you apply enough colour to each section to ensure you get a perfect result. This takes time, hours in fact and it is done with both diligence and pride. Working with colour is a race against the clock, and achieving the best results takes patience’s and perfection! A little OCD doesn’t hurt either 😉

Anyone that’s had a bad balayage will agree, it pays to go to a professional. My best advise is if you can’t afford balayage opt for a different colour service as these techniques are never done cheap if they are done right.

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